Spanish toddler's body found in hole after two week rescue operation

The body of a two-year-old boy who fell into a borehole almost two weeks ago in the south of Spain has been found by rescuers.

The recovery operation has been riddled with technical issues and setbacks as miners drilled day and night to reach Julen Rosello from the 100m deep and 25cm wide hole in the region of Malaga, reports The Guardian.

On Saturday, it was announced that the boy's remains had been found and a judicial commission had been set up to investigate the incident.

The operation has gripped Spain since Julen fell into the borehole on January 13 as his family went for a walk through the private estate in the village of Totalan where the well is located.

The drilling was necessary as the borehole was too narrow for any adults while soil and rocks blocked equipment from reaching the spot where the child was trapped.

The family, who had previously lost another son to a heart issues, earlier said they were heartbroken and had hoped for a miracle.


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