'Sweet clean-up' after truck spills chocolate on highway

  • 20/01/2019
chocolate everywhere
The chocolate was liquid. Photo credit: Arizona Department of Public Safety/Twitter

Authorities had a mess on their hands after a truck crashed on a major highway, spilling a river of liquid chocolate onto the road surface.

Clean-up crews had to pour most of the 151,000-litre load of liquid chocolate into the US highway, on northern Arizona's Interstate 40, in order to lighten the damaged tanker so it could be towed away.

"There is a river of chocolate blocking/flowing in the westbound lanes of I-40 at milepost 211, east of Flagstaff," the Arizona Department of Public Safety tweeted on Monday.

"This will be a sweet cleanup!"

The chocolate was liquid because it was being stored in the tanker at 49C.

State Department of Public Safety spokesman Bart Graves said there were no injuries and the tanker driver was not fined, or penalised as the chocolate is biodegradable.

"A latch that connects the main truck with the trailer detached, causing the tanker to roll over," he said.

"The tanker was heavily damaged in the rear so we had [to] pump out the liquid into the median so the tanker could be lifted onto a tow truck."

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