Sydney Opera House enlists dogs to keep seagulls away from diners

The Sydney Opera House has made an "impawtant pupdate" to its seagull security plan, enlisting dogs to chase the nuisance birds away.

Roxy, Penny, Scamp and Tauzer will be on patrol fighting off the birds, and the group has even been given special dog booties to protect their feet from the heat.

"We've enlisted five good dogs to run Seagull Patrol around Opera Bar and Opera Kitchen. They'll protect your hot chips from crafty gulls, one paw-step at a time," the Sydney Opera House said in a Facebook post announcing the dogs' arrival.

It later confirmed another dog had been flown in from another landmark to test out the scheme. A commenter mentioned another dog in Darling Harbour, and the Opera House confirmed he had been let loose on their seagulls too.

"You must be referring to Bailey, Assistant Director of Seagulls at the Australian National Maritime Museum! He did our first patrol a few months ago. Top notch at his job."

Commenters on the post were grateful, as seagulls have long tried to pinch people's lunch at the iconic theatre.

"What a great idea! I wouldn't go there thanks to the birds. How wonderful!" one person said.

"This is adorable. They even have socks to protect their little paws," another wrote.

Best be quick though - reports the scheme is only being trialled for January, and then Roxy, Penny, Scamp and Tauzer will be headed elsewhere.


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