Terrifying dashcam footage shows Uber passenger trying to crash car

An Uber driver in the US has performed a heroic save, after his car was nearly hijacked by a drunken passenger. 

Dashcam captured the horrifying Saturday night trip when driver, Albert Castro picked up a passenger from a West Sacramento bar in California.

The ride began with no issues as 32-year-old passenger Tswj Vang sat quietly in the front seat.

In an interview with Newshub, Mr Castro said the man seemed like his "typical drunk weekend passenger" before things took a nasty turn. 

"He started talking about whether I had ever crashed before and then told me 'no, you're gonna crash, trust me, you're gonna'."

Vang suddenly bolted upright and lunged to wrestle the steering wheel away from Mr Castro.

Mr Castro, a father-of-eight, said the pair were travelling over 80 kilometres an hour when Vang grabbed the wheel. 

"He wanted to kill us both. He even said so," Mr Castro said. 

"He grabs the wheel and we fly across two lanes of traffic," he said "[I was] thinking 'oh my God this is how I'm gonna die, I just don't wanna take anybody else with me'."

Footage shows Mr Castro, reassuring Vang that everything is okay as he uses one hand to subdue him, and the other to steer the car.

Mr Castro manages to restrain Vang, who mumbled "I love you brother" repeatedly.

But it wasn't over yet. Vang launched himself back across Mr Castro to grab the wheel again, and the terrifying moment repeated itself. 

"It was literally every ounce of strength I had to keep us from [crashing]," Mr Castro told local news. 

"I still don't know how we didn't crash."

Mr Castro managed to hit the panic button on his Uber app, alerting police.

Once police arrived, Vang had to be placed into the police car wearing a spit hood as he was attempting to spit on the officers.

California Highway Patrol later identified Vang, and said he is now facing DUI charges for his attempted hijacking.

He has also been banned from ever using Uber again.