'The sun was low': Prince Philip explains car crash, finally apologises to victim

Prince Philip has finally apologised to a woman whose wrist was broken when his Land Rover hit the vehicle she was travelling in earlier this month.

Emma Fairweather, 46, had complained at his tardiness in saying sorry last week, but has now received a letter from the 97-year-old royal, according to The Mirror.

She told the UK tabloid she was "chuffed" at the personalised nature of the letter, which was signed off with just his first name, and not his formal title.

"I would like you to know how very sorry I am for my part in the accident at the Babingley Roads," the letter reads.

"...The sun was shining low over the main road. In normal conditions I would have no difficulty in seeing traffic coming... I can only imagine that I failed to see the car coming, and I am very contrite about the consequences.

"I was somewhat shaken after the accident, but I was greatly relieved that none of you were seriously injured...

"I have since learnt that you suffered a broken arm. I am deeply sorry about this injury. I wish you a speedy recovery from a very distressing experience.

"Yours sincerely, Philip."

Prince Philip has attracted plenty of criticism for his role in the crash, and for a subsequent lack of apology.

In the week following the crash, he also garnered more condemnation after being spotted behind the wheel a brand new Land Rover - apparently without wearing a seatbelt.


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