'Thoughts and prayers': American police officers share hilarious image after doughnut truck fire

Officers are seen with their heads in the hands with a burnt truck in the background.
Officers are seen with their heads in the hands. Photo credit: Lexington Police Department / Facebook

It's a well-known stereotype that cops are massive fans of doughnuts, but several officers in the US took that to the next level.

A Krispy Kreme transport truck went up in flames after an incident in Lexington, Kentucky on Monday (local time).

It's not yet known how the blaze started but the devastating aftermath was shared on social media by police officers.

Officers are seen with their heads in the hands, smothering tears - or laughter - beside the burnt-out truck.

Its grief was echoed by other enforcement agencies.

"This literally hurts my soul. Prayers to LPD as they deal with this loss," the Louiseville Metro Police Department wrote on Facebook.

"Stay strong guys; tough times don't last, tough cops do. #WeStandWithLPD," the Police Service of Northern Ireland wrote.

Members of the public have shared an outpouring of support, with multiple people offering "thoughts and prayers" to the devastated officers.

In case anyone was worried the post was insensitive, the local police confirmed no one was injured in the crash - and no doughnuts were harmed as the truck was empty.


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