Two cats sharing $2k per month US apartment

  • 15/01/2019

Domestic cats Louise and Tina are renting their own San Jose apartment, despite the fact neither of them could ever pay the US$1500 (NZ$2200) per month rent.

Landlord David Callisch rented the 39 square metres studio to the moggies after their owners needed a new home for them.

His daughter's friend Victoria Amith was headed off to college and her father was moving too, meaning the cats needed somewhere to go.

Ms Amith is hoping to bring the cats to live with her when she moves off campus. In the meantime her father is paying the rent for Louise and Tina and Mr Callisch isn't complaining.

"They don't drink," he told ABC7. "They don't smoke, they don't play loud music."

But the Silicon Valley area where the cats live has an average rent of US$1900 (NZ$2780) per month and a homelessness crisis.

Not everyone is a fan about hearing of an apartment fitted out with a kitchen, TV and bathroom being left to two cats.

But Ms Amith said the cats aren't always the only residents of the apartment.

"I'll stay in there sometimes," Ms Amith told ABC7. "My dad will stay in there sometimes, you know it's a shared little space."