Victim of axe-wielding Australian woman speaks out about moment she attacked

Warning: This video contains footage that may disturb some viewers.

An Australian man whose head was almost chopped in half by an axe-wielding woman has spoken out about the horrific ordeal.

In January 2017, a bloody rampage broke out in a 7-Eleven in Sydney when Evie Amati attacked Ben Rimmer with an axe, hitting his head and forcing him to the ground.

Amati plead not-guilty to two counts of wounding with intent to murder and one count of attempted wounding with intent to murder on mental health grounds, reports ABC.

She also said she was not of sound mind after having consumed a mix of medication, cannabis and alcohol.

Now her victim has spoken out with anger about the ordeal and with disgust at what he says is a light sentence.

"I remember being struck. But I turned at the last minute, otherwise she would have chopped through my head straight through the front of my face," Mr Rimmer says of the moment Amati struck.

"She went there to kill. It's only pure luck that I'm alive and she's not remorseful. She's intelligent, calculating," he told

Mr Rimmer wants Amati in prison for at least 10 years, launching a petition to have her sentence appealed.

"She'll do her time easily and get paroled in mid-2021. It's played out perfectly for her, perhaps better than she expected," he said.

He now lives with four titanium plates in his face, and is more cautious and alert of people around him in public.


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