Watch: Adelaide men create a pool out of a car

Being in a hot car in summer with no air conditioning can be torture.

Faced with just that dilemma, some Australian mates came up with an ingenious - though not exactly legal - way to keep cool.

A car filled to the brim with water. As the video shows, the car still works.

The men grabbed snorkelling equipment and took their vehicle for a spin to the liquor store in suburban Adelaide.

A South Australian Police spokesman called the stunt "bizarre", according to The Advertiser.

"Obviously, there is no specific road rules that directly covers this bizarre act of filling the inside of a car with water," he said.

"However, driving the car on a road would be considered both irresponsible and dangerous to all road users," the spokesman to The Advertiser.

The inventors have been outed as YouTube stars RackaRacka.