Watch: Melbourne woman's narrow escape from falling road-sign

A Melbourne mother-of-three says she thought a plane had cannoned into her car, when a falling road-sign fell and crushed her vehicle on a busy highway.

The woman escaped with her life and is now thanking her rescuers, saying she feared her car would explode.

It was out of nowhere, and captured on camera: a freeway sign filmed plunging into Nella Lettieri's car.

"I thought, 'Please it's too soon, don't take me, don't take me just yet'," Ms Lettieri said. 

She was travelling to pick up one of her children when it happened. On impact, the car roof collapsed onto her head and luckily, she found room to duck.

"I thought, 'Am I dreaming? It's just not stopping, this thing is still pounding on the car, it's just not stopping'," Ms Lettieri added. 

The 55-year-old was left trapped inside the wreckage on the busy Tullamarine Freeway. Two brave motorists stopped to pull her from the car, dragging her to safety.

Ms Lettieri knows she's lucky to be alive.

"I looked at the car and thought, 'Ah, I got out'. And they go, 'We need to move away because the car could blow up'," she said. 

It didn't blow up, but the car has been completely written off.

Ms Lettieri has now been discharged from hospital without serious injury. Despite that, she says she is still finding glass in her hair, and her body is aching.

"Head, neck, shoulders; every muscle in my body hurts at the moment."

The incident prompted an immediate inspection of signs installed in a similar way. The outcome of this incident could have been far worse. 

Ms Lettieri is now demanding an explanation. 


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