Watch: US man rides hit-and-run driver's bonnet at 110km/h

  • 28/01/2019

A motorist has captured footage of a road rage incident in the US that almost defies belief.

After a fender-bender between two drivers in Boston, one tried to take off - but the victim, Richard Kamrowski, was having none of it. 

Kamrowski leaped on to the bonnet of the offending car in an attempt to stop the driver, Mark Fitzgerald, leaving. However his cunning plan was foiled when Fitzgerald took off anyway.

Footage of the scarcely believable incident shows 65-year-old Kamrowski clinging on for dear life as Fitzgerald guns his engine and speeds down the motorway.

Kamrowski says it was clear Fitzgerald was trying to cause him harm.

"He kept going fast, slow, fast, slow trying to get me to slide off."

At one point, Kamrowski can be seen using his cell phone to call police. Finally, citizens blocked the car from moving, and one even pulled a gun on the driver.

Police arrested both Fitzgerald and Kamrowski in the aftermath. Fitzgerald faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon, and Kamrowski for disorderly conduct.