Woman who saved dog from hot car in Sydney shocked by owner's response

The dog in the car
The dog in the car Photo credit: Facebook/Kaesie Dent

A woman who saved a dog from a hot car inside a car park has taken to Facebook to express her disbelief at the owner's reaction towards her.

The woman saw the dog at the bottom level of the Campbelltown Mall car park on Tuesday, reports 7 News. She estimated the temperature to be sitting at a sizzling 36degC.

In her Facebook post, the woman said the dog's owner was gone for 40 minutes.

"We did get the dog out of the car as soon as we could, took him into the air con and gave him some cold water... he lapped it all up." 

When the dog's owner returned, 7 News reports that the woman was shocked at the response she got.

"[She started] having a go at me and the rest of us and was so ungrateful that we saved her dog's life... telling us that you're lucky that he didn't bite you."

The woman went on to write that she wouldn't have cared if the dog had bitten her, as she just wanted to get him out of the heat.

She ended her post with a plea that echoes that of police, who are begging parents and pet owners not to underestimate how hot cars can get - especially as South Australia has had a Code Red declared by the government, meaning temperatures are expected to hit 48degC.

"Please, people with pets and children," she wrote, "do not leave them in the car on hot days, or any day.

"It doesn't matter if you left the windows down a little bit or it doesn't matter if you are going into the shops to get a few things."



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