World's oldest man dies aged 113

  • 21/01/2019
Masazo Nonaka
Masazo Nonaka. Photo credit: Reuters

The world's oldest man Masazo Nonaka has died at the ripe of age of 113.

He put his old age down to eating sweets and taking hot baths.

Mr Nonaka passed away peacefully in his sleep, having outlived his wife and three of their five children.

"We feel shocked at the loss of this big figure," his granddaughter Yuko told Kyodo News.

"He was as usual yesterday and passed away without causing our family any fuss at all."

His hobbies included watching sumo wrestling.

He was one of around 68,000 people in Japan aged 100 or older.

The new world's oldest man is reportedly Gustav Gerneth of Germany, also 113. The current world's oldest woman is Kane Tanaka of Japan, 116.

The world's oldest person on record was 122-year-old Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, though doubt has recently been placed on her claim.


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