A 60km-wide 'mega river' has opened up in Australia

A new Queensland "mega-river", borne of the flooding in Townsville, is large enough to be seen from space.

A year's worth of driving rain has now flooded the Flinders River system, converting into a water-logged plain that spans a massive 60 kilometres in width.

"The amount of rainfall has been staggering. Above 500mm of rain spread across a vast region - 300km across and 200km north," Sky News meteorologist Rob Sharpe told News Corp.

A 60km-wide 'mega river' has opened up in Australia
Photo credit: 7News

"The Flinders River System is now a flood plain. This is a mega river making its way up to the gulf."

All the water has now collected into one basin, and is beginning to spill over into other rivers, reports 7 News.

The enormous river has only been in existence for two weeks, but it is already a direct contributor to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of cattle.

Their dead bodies are now posing a high risk of disease, with one woman dead and nine seriously ill in Townsville after becoming infected by melioidosis bacteria after the flood, reports 7 News.

Around one in five people who contract the infection die.