American woman boards school bus to bash nine-year-old boy

The violent altercation was caught on camera.
The violent altercation was caught on camera. Photo credit: 4WWL

An American woman is facing a battery charge after boarding a school bus and attacking a young boy who had allegedly hit her son.

On February 4 (US Time), Patrice Henry boarded the Louisiana Eisenhower Elementary School bus after receiving a phone call from the school to say a nine-year-old had hit her kindergarten aged son in the face.

Furious, Ms Henry sought the nine-year-old out on bus, yelling "who hit my son" until the children pointed at the boy, reports 4WWL, a CBS affiliate.

Video footage appears to show a violent altercation between the two, with a police report confirming Ms Henry "wrapped her hand around [the boy's] neck and struck him with a closed fist".

The nine-year-old then appears to lunge back at Ms Henry as he tries to defend himself.

Speaking to 4WWL, the boy's mother, Ashley Batiste, said Ms Henry had gone too far.

"You took matters into your own hands and decided to beat on my nine-year-old son," said Ms Batiste. "He was scared for his life so he tried to fight back."

She also wants the bus driver, who has been suspended while an investigation is underway, to be held accountable.

"In this case, cause she didn't do anything, a parent was able to get on the bus and beat my child," she said.

"I would like for her to be fired. I don't think she should be driving any child, because if you allow this parent to get on the bus, who's to say you're not going to allow it to happen again."

Attempts by 4WWL to contact Ms Henry, who has been charged with battery, were unsuccessful.


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