Australian farmer fires shotgun during confrontation with vegans

A dramatic clash between vegan activists and a frustrated shot-gun wielding farmer in Australia has been caught on video.

The footage, taken in in Western Australia earlier this week, shows tensions are increasingly boiling over.

Vegan activists from the Direct Action Everywhere group parked outside farmer Jason Parravacini's home and farm and began filming his cattle. Mr Parravacini came out to confront the pair, asking them to stop filming and leave the property.

"Don't come round my place - take the camera out of my face," he told the activists.

"I'm a primary producer. I'm feeding most of the world. And a lot of people don't complain, it's only guys like you - so I suggest you move on."

A heated scuffle ensued.

"I'll give her one minute to get rid of that or I'll remove it from you," Mr Parravacini warns the pair, before grabbing at the car keys.

"You get the f**k out of my place!"

Mr Parravacini then went inside and retrieved a shotgun and fired it into the distance. The activists then fled the scene.

Direct Action Everywhere activist James Warden, who was involved in the confrontation, said he was not surprised at the Mr Parravacini's reaction.

"These farming communities are an echo chamber for this kind of violence, and it does not surprise me whatsoever that they are now targeting and acting in violence towards human beings," Mr Warden told

The incident comes after animal rights charity Aussie Farms released an online map showing the locations of thousands of Australian farms where they think animals are being abused and exploited.

Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud has issued a call for calm, saying the farm map has created "an atmosphere of fear and anxiety".

"Farmers have a right to farm without being harassed. These people are just producing our food and should be left alone to do so," he said in a statement.

"Differences between sections of the vegan and farm communities will not be solved with confrontation."

Police have announced they won't charge Mr Parravacini, who said he had no plans to hurt anyone with the gun.


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