Australian father stabbed in the neck after noise complaint

A young New South Wales father is lucky to be alive, after he was stabbed in the neck and back by a group of people in a playground.

Dave Sidhom, 29, was relaxing at home on Saturday evening with his wife and two-year-old son.

He decided to walk across the road to a local park to ask a group of people if they could keep their noise level down, reports 7 News.

From there, police say an argument broke out and Mr Sidhom was stabbed three times in the back and neck. 

The group, comprised of eight men and one woman, split into two separate cars and left Mr Sidhom bleeding in the playground, reports 7 News.

The young father managed to stagger home, where his horrified wife called for help.

One of the stab wounds was 15cm-deep - a wound so severe paramedics struggled to control the bleeding.

Mr Sidhom was rushed into emergency surgery, and remains in a stable condition.

"If it was too far forward it could have severed his trachea or his breathing tube, and if it was just a little bit to the left he likely could have ended up as a paraplegic," said Jo Ibrahim, from NSW Ambulance.

Police searched the neighbourhood but found no trace of the attackers or the weapon.

They are urging those responsible to come forward, saying the attack was completely unacceptable.