Australian officer jailed after checking Tinder dates on police database

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An Australian police officer has been sent to prison after accessing the private data of women he was considering dating.

Adrian Trevor Moore, a former nominee for police officer of the year, pleaded guilty to 180 charges of using a secure police database to access women's information, Australia's ABC reports.

Moore is believed to have targeted at least 92 women he had met or interacted with on dating applications like Tinder or Plenty of Fish.

A third of the women were checked on multiple times over a number of years and one woman was checked 13 times.

Moore's lawyer claimed his client was motivated by curiosity and simply trying to "do some due diligence" on women before meeting up with them.

But the prosecution disagreed and said Moore's offending amounted to a "gross and sustained breach of trust".  Magistrate Geoff Lawrence agreed.

Moore was sentenced to six months in prison, and received a further AU$2000 (NZ$2104) fine for possessing images of bestiality.

Detective Superintendent Noel Gartlan from the police internal affairs unit said the jail sentence sent a strong message.

"Access to personal, private and sensitive information for members of the community cannot be abused by WA Police officers, it cannot be abused by any members of the public service."

He urged anyone else who believes Moore may have accessed their information to come forward.