Baby girl rescued alive from storm drain in South Africa

A baby has been rescued from a stormwater drain in South Africa after being stuck for three hours.

Cries were heard by passers-by in Durban, South Africa. They alerted paramedics to the situation.

"We can actually hear the baby crying," said rescue care paramedic spokesperson Garrith Jamieson in a video posted to Facebook on Tuesday.

"We have gained access to the pipe, paramedics are just clearing around the pipe and then we will cut into the pipe." 

Neighbours helped by donating kitchen cupboard doors to reinforce the dig site. 

Officers from Durban Fire and Rescue, KZN Emergency Medical services and a search and rescue team worked together to remove the baby girl from the drain, reports Sunday Times.

The baby after her rescue
The baby after her rescue Photo credit: Facebook / Garrith Jamieson

The girl was airlifted to hospital where she was treated for hypothermia and a few minor abrasions.

It's not known how she got stuck, but an attempted murder case has been opened. 

The parents have not yet been located.



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