Backpacker allegedly kidnapped, raped after responding to work ad in Australia

Gene Charles Bristow.
Gene Charles Bristow. Photo credit: 7 News

A pig farmer in Australia has been charged with kidnapping and raping a backpacker after she responded to his online ad seeking workers. 

It was alleged 54-year-old Gene Charles Bristow posted an online advertisement to community website Gumtree in 2017, requesting help on a farm. 

A 24-year-old Belgian woman responded to the ad, prosecutor Michael Foundas said on Tuesday, and it's understood he offered her accommodation and work at a non-existent company. 

The pair allegedly met at a bus stop at Murray Bridge, and Bristow drove the woman back to his farm, about 150km southeast of Adelaide, the Associated Press (AP) reports. 

There, it was alleged he chained the woman up and left her alone, before frequently returning to rape her, and telling her that he was the "nice one" among his collaborators. 

Jurors heard the woman was eventually released by Bristow to a motel, even after she had tried to escape. There, she was discovered by police who helped her, reports AP. 

The accused faces charges of kidnapping, rape, and attempted rape over an alleged plan that the prosecution has described as premeditated. 

Bristow's defence disputed that the incident was planned, and claimed the woman was never held against her will and there was no sexual contact between the pair. 

Bristow denied the allegations. His trial is expected to go on for 10 days.