Bodies of men missing in Townsville flood found - reports

Queensland's flood has turned deadly after two young men swept away in floodwaters were found in a stormwater drain.

The men, who were in their early 20s, went missing on Monday in the city of Townsville, which is still enduring record rain.

Aerial footage from above Townsville reveals disaster on a larger scale. The city resembles an inland ocean, with water as far as the eye can see.

Roads have become makeshift boat ramps, and sports stars are part of the rescue teams.

Members of the NRL's North Queensland Cowboys worked alongside the State Emergency Service to help bring residents back to dry land.

"If it wasn't for the SES we wouldn't have got out of our house last night," says rescued resident Kimberley Kesteven. "It was really scary. Especially with the kids."

Prime Minister Scott Morrison visited Townsville on Tuesday to reassure residents and survey the damage.

A little girl clutching a toy unicorn told him the floods left her room "very messy".

"We'll get it all cleaned up, though," the Prime Minister assured her.

But the cleanup is barely beginning, and it is a mammoth task.

"There will be big shocks for the community as we've seen this morning as they return to their homes," Mr Morrison said.

An estimated 2500 homes have been flooded, and an unknown number of businesses as well.

"It's just completely devastated really," said menswear store owner Ron McGinty.

It's too soon to think about recovery for many. Some who have returned had to leave again.

 "It is not safe to go back to homes, it is not safe to go into those flood waters," police told the public.

With forecasters warning of days more rain, nobody knows when the deluge will end.


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