Cannibal cut up his mother's body and shared the pieces with his dog

Gomez in handcuffs, accompanied by police
Gomez in handcuffs, accompanied by police Photo credit: Policia Nacional

Warning: This article contains graphic details that may disturb some people.

A self-confessed cannibal reportedly told police he cut his mother's body into 1000 pieces, and shared the pieces with his pet dog.

Alberto Sanchez Gomez, a 26-year-old unemployed waiter is said to have confessed to detectives when they arrived at his home in Madrid, searching for his mother, 66-year-old Maria Soledad Gomez.

Police discovered her remains in at least six large Tupperware containers.

 Local newspaper El Mundo reported the body was cut into more than 1000 pieces, and the woman's vital organs were missing.

Former friends of the alleged cannibal told the newspaper how he had become addicted to drugs, and spent most of his time on a park bench outside his home, drinking with homeless people.

Gomez was well known to police, due to a series of previous arrests for domestic violence against his mother. 

A neighbour told local newspaper El Pais the man's mother often had bruises.

"The mother would come down full of bruises and tell us she had fallen with the dog."

According to the neighbour, the mother never accused her son of causing her injuries.

Gomez has been undergoing psychiatric evaluation, but is expected to remain in prison until his court appearance, reports El Mundo.