Chilling call made before Australian father's fatal stabbing

This is the chilling call murderer Michael Walker made just minutes before he fatally stabbed an Australian father to death.

Twenty-seven-year-old Axel Boreski died after he was stabbed seven times in the city of Mandurah, Western Australia, in 2017.

Shortly before the fatal attack, Walker told a police operator "I'm f**king stabbing that c**t" and "can you please come because... I'm going to kill him".

The pair met while out drinking and went back to Walker's home. But early next morning a fight broke out following an argument.

In court, Walker, who was 22 at the time, claimed he was choked and thrown into a swimming pool and feared for his life.

Mr Boreski left after Walker's girlfriend's mother woke up and asked him to leave. Walker then made the call to police before following him down the road with a knife.

A second fight followed, during which Walker fatally stabbed Mr Boreski. He suffered wounds to his leg, arm, torso and chest, and died from a stab wound to the heart.

Walker said he was angry, upset and hurt when Mr Boreski left, however he didn't mean his comments about stabbing him in his police call and it was a "coincidence" Mr Boreski died of stab wounds.

Walker's defence lawyer said "only an idiot" would tell police what you're going to do" before committing a crime.

However prosecutors said Walker went after Mr Boreski with a "single-minded purpose" to "stab and kill him".

Walker was convicted of murder and is scheduled to be sentenced on May 8.


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