Dog dumped on Australian street with 'FREE' spray-painted on body

An abandoned dog.
The abandoned dog. Photo credit: Richmond Valley Council Animal Shelter/Facebook

An abandoned dog with the word 'FREE' spray-painted onto his body has been found roaming the streets of an Australian town.

The Richmond Valley Council Animal Shelter in NSW picked up the pooch on Wednesday near a local sewerage treatment plant after it was apparently given up by its owner.

The shelter has immediately embraced the pink word emblazoned on its stomach by using it as the dog's new name.

"Free was found on Springrove Road near the sewerage treatment plant and picked up and brought to the shelter," a post on the organisation's Facebook page read.

"Once he has served his seven days he will be available for adoption."

The post has sparked outcry amongst dog lovers with hundreds of people voicing their disgust at the treatment of the dog.

"Are you serious!!! I can't believe this, not only do dogs love you more than they love themselves but this is so cruel, I just want to give this one a hug and tell it it's going to be ok, I hope you find a loving home that will just love and adore you," one user wrote.

Another called for action from the local council.

"Would be good to have a law 'dob in a pet dumper' and see people fined for doing heartless things like this," they said.

Anyone who recognises the dog has been urged to come forward by the animal shelter.


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