Don Brash backs breakdancing at the Olympics

Don Brash, the 78-year-old former head of the Reserve Bank and once almost our Prime Minister, thinks breakdancing should be an Olympic sport.

"I am sympathetic to breakdancing in the Olympics, I must say," he told The AM Show on Friday.

The unlikely declaration of support comes after the head of the Paris Olympics organising committee said breakdancing, skateboarding, surfing and climbing might all be on the agenda in 2024.

"The games have a constant challenge of connecting with the new generations," said Tony Estanguet. "For us, it's all the more important because if we want to get young people into practicing sports, it's easier with sports that speak to them."

Dr Brash, who would have been in his mid-40s when classic breakdancing movies Breakdance and Breakdance 2: Electric Boogaloo were released, said he hasn't tried breakdancing yet, and isn't about to.

But the unlikely b-boy said it was more of a sport than boxing, since it didn't involve smashing anyone's head in.

"Boxing is the most ridiculous sport imaginable. Your objective is to knock the guy's head so hard that his brain is, you know - why on Earth would you make that a sport? Breakdancing, at least, is highly skilful."

High-profile lawyer Marie Dyhrberg said it would be "ridiculous" to award Olympic medals for breakdancing, but backed Dr Brash on boxing.

"I can't even think why it even exists - we've become more sophisticated. We've moved away from that Neanderthal attitude."

"Not me," interjected AM Show sportsreader Mark Richardson. "People want to get in the ring. It gives you an amazing rush, it's hand-to-hand, it goes right back to where sport originated - which was often combat skills."

Ironically, there are forms of breakdancing which mimic combat - as memorably portrayed in Breakdance 2: Electric Boogaloo.


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