Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un discuss denuclearisation in meeting

The self-described "best deal-maker in the world" is trying to do what no other US President has done before - get North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons. 

Donald Trump is right now meeting with Kim Jong-un at their second summit in Hanoi, but neither leader seems in any rush to get a deal done. 

The odd-couple were reunited once again, and the stage was set for the deal-maker and the dictator. 

"I have great respect for Chairman Kim and I have great respect for his country," said Mr Trump.

"I believe that it will be something economically that will almost be hard to compete with for many countries, it has so much potential."

Which was the whole point of having the summit in Vietnam - to explain that old enemies can become friends and if Kim Jong-un plays nice, then North Korea could be transformed. 

For his part, Mr Kim said he'll do his best to bring about a resolution. 

This is big news in Pyongyang too. Huge screens featured the country's favourite newsreader declaring progress was being made. 

Mr Kim wants to return home with a peace treaty and economic sanctions lifted.  

The US is looking for credible reassurances from the Supreme Ruler that he will indeed denuclearise. 

"Speed is not that important to me. I very much appreciate no testing of nuclear rockets, missiles, any of it," said Mr Trump.

While not quite hand in hand, clearly the second date is going well - but as yet there's been no mention of the torture, mass executions and other horrific human rights abuses carried out by North Korea. 

According to Mr Trump, "the relationship is very strong", and "when you have a good relationship, then a lot of good things happen".

After they first met last year, Mr Trump declared he'd fallen in love with the dictator. This time, though, the world expects more than just bold declarations.



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