Dramatic ice wave crashes over Canadian retaining wall

Houses are damaged and one lady has been rescued after a colossal wave of ice chunks crashed over a retaining wall in Canada.

The ice wave was created when strong winds raised water levels on the Niagara River in Fort Erie and then pushed the ice dramatically upstream, where it crashed over the wall and onto a sidewalk.

Incredible footage of the event on Sunday (local time) was captured by Niagara police, showing the large chunks of ice on the side of the road after having been pushed over the wall.

More blocks can also be seen being pushed over the wall, creating a mountain of ice obscuring the view and covering the retaining wall.

Locals took to social media to share photos of the bizarre event.

"Quite the sight in Fort Erie," said one user, while The Weather Network's Mark Robinson tweeted that the strong winds could bring more ice to the town.

"An incredible sight along the Niagara River in Fort Erie as strong winds from today’s storm have pushed hundreds of chunks of ice on shore over barriers."

Local police warned also residents to stay away and cautioned drivers.

A 77-year-old lady needed to be rescued from her home by emergency crews when the raised water and ice flooded her home. Other houses and were also damaged by the weather event.