Fat rat rescued from sewer grate in Germany

The rat, trapped in the grate.
The rat, trapped in the grate. Photo credit: Facebook / Rhein Neckar

Rescuers have prised a rat from a sewer grate in Germany after its big behind left it trapped inside one of the holes.

The female rodent got stuck after it gained a little bit too much weight over winter and ended up half-in, half-out of the sewer, the BBC reports.

Witnesses called rescue organisation Rhein Neckar to get it out, but its attempts failed and the local fire brigade was called in.

Firefighters prised the grate out of the ground and propped it up on wedges while animal rescuer Michael Sehr gently popped the rat free.

She was then released back into the sewer.

Photos and video of the trapped rodent and subsequent rescue were uploaded to social media, where many complained about the rescue of pest animals.

But the conundrum about whether or not to free the creature was simple for Mr Sehr.

"Even animals that are hated by many deserve respect," he told local media.

It's not just Mr Sehr that was happy the rat was rescued too. He was later presented with a hand-drawn picture of the trapped rat surrounded by love hearts from the small girl that found it.


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