Florida sinkhole revealed to be secret tunnel to bank

The FBI is investigating - and believes it was being dug towards the ATM.
The FBI is investigating - and believes it was being dug towards the ATM. Photo credit: FBI / Twitter

The FBI is investigating after a reported sinkhole was revealed to be something much more mysterious - a secret underground tunnel heading towards a bank.

Officials in Florida were notified earlier this week after a motorist found something that looked like a sinkhole in a street near a Chase Bank branch.

But road workers called police and the FBI after they realised the manhole-sized hole in the road was caused by a tunnel.

Investigators found an entrance hole in a wooded area nearby, the beginning of a 45-metre-long tunnel leading towards the bank.

"It's approximately two-foot, maybe three-foot in diameter. It's very small, it's very claustrophobic," FBI Miami Special Agent Michael D Leverock told reporters.

"The only thing I've ever seen like this is in the movies. This is truly a unique case here."

Officials say the tunnel appeared to have been dug by hand using a pickaxe and small wagon.

"They're heading towards the ATM. I don't think they were doing that for any other reason," Mr Leverock said.

It's not clear how long the tunnel has been there for, and a cadaver dog determined there were no bodies inside it.

"They could have been here a week ago, last night. We don't know at this time," Mr Leverock said.

The tunnel has now been dug up using heavy equipment - but the mystery remains.