Gold Coast family's heartbreak as mother discovers her migraine is a terminal illness

Gold Coast family's heartbreak as mother discovers her migraine is a terminal illness
Photo credit: GoFundMe / Sally Kulig

An Australian woman has been given just weeks to live after she visited hospital with a headache and was told it was because she had terminal brain cancer.

Gold Coast mother-of-two, Bec Lancaster-Scully was told just two months ago she had two aggressive brain tumours.

Although the first was able to be removed, the second has quadrupled in size, and is causing her excruciating pain, swelling and partial blindness, reports The Daily Mail.

The second tumour cannot be removed, as it is sitting too close to Ms Lancaster-Scully's brainstem.

Her sister Sally Kulig has now set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for Ms Lancaster-Scully and her family.

"Two months ago my sister Bec Lancaster-Scully was a happy and healthy 36-year-old woman," she writes on the page description.

"Otherwise fit and healthy, she enjoyed bike rides, Pilates and playing with her two boys - until a bad migraine sent her to the doctor where she was given the fateful news."

"She has since been diagnosed with Grade 4 primary glioblastoma with a rhabdoid subtype AKA brain cancer."

Survival time for this type of cancer is only 12 to 18 months. Ms Kullig told Sunshine Coast Daily that her sister's time is limited.

"If she pulls through and gets well enough to have radiation, then she might live for six months - otherwise, she has four weeks."

Ms Lancaster-Scully's family are heartbroken by the news, especially after their youngest son was born in 2013 with a heart condition that required surgery.

Then tragedy struck again, after Ms Lancaster-Scully delivered a full-term baby who had sadly already passed away.

She and her husband Joel are facing "a horrible, uncertain future" according to Ms Kulig.

The GoFundMe page is already up to AU$70,640 (NZ$73,590) after being up for just five days.

Funds will go towards Ms Lancaster-Scully's medical bills and her family.



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