Groom arrested after alleged sexual assault of teen waitress at his own wedding

Matthew Aimers
Matthew Aimers faces a number of charges including indecent assault and imprisonment of a minor. Photo credit: Facebook / Bucks County District Attorney's Office

A US man left his own wedding in handcuffs after he allegedly sexually assaulted a teenage waitress.

Matthew Aimers, 31, married his fiancée Kayla at Philadelphia's Northampton Valley Country Club on November 24. Photos from the event show the couple smiling in newly wedded bliss - but that didn't last long.

A police affidavit states that during the reception, Aimers approached a waitress described as "underage". The age of consent in Pennsylvania is 16.

He allegedly asked the girl to "go outside and make out", telling her they could "do whatever you want". She later told police he rejected the grown man's advances, feeling "shaken".

Later in the evening, Aimers followed the waitress into the women's bathroom, according to the affidavit. He allegedly forced her into a stall and physically prevented her from leaving.

The waitress told police that Aimers then pulled down his pants and asked her to "kiss me like you mean it". He allegedly continued to proposition her, and offered her US$100 (NZ$147) for sex.

Eventually the victim broke free and escaped the bathroom.

As the reception was coming to a close, Northampton Township Police were called to the country club - but not because of the sexual assault.

Aimers was found "pushing and punching people" after he became angry with an employee who told him not to take alcohol outside the venue, according to the affidavit.

Aimers tried to evade police by boarding a shuttle bus that was parked near the club. When an officer followed him on board with a Taser and ordered the groom to get off, he allegedly called him a "b***h" and a "p***y" in an attempt to start another fight.

He finally disembarked and was arrested and taken into custody after a short struggle with officers.

At a hearing in January, Aimers was charged with indecent assault, indecent exposure, imprisonment of a minor, harassment, simple assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after a fight with police.

He was released on Wednesday (local time) after posting 10 percent of his bail, and will face a second hearing on February 21.

Aimers' lawyer says his client denies all charges and "looks forward to clearing his name", The Inquirer reports.

The state of his marriage is unknown.


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