'I finally have a smoking hot body': Woman's hilarious obituary goes viral

The hilarious obituary a Canadian woman wrote herself has gone viral after its witty contents were posted online.

Highlights from the obituary include her describing her body as "smoking hot" after being cremated, and poking fun at her husband.

Sybil Hicks, an 82-year-old woman from Ontario, died on February 2 and wrote her own obituary to leave the world laughing on the way out.

Published in the Hamilton Spectator, Ms Hicks said it "hurts me to admit it, but I, Ms Ron Hicks from Baysville have passed away".

"I leave behind my loving husband, Ron Hicks, who I often affectionately referred to as a 'Horse's Ass'," the obituary said.

The children she "tolerated over the years" also got a shout-out, as did her nursing class - the "best class ever!"

But the best zinger didn't come until near the end, where Ms Hicks reflected on her state post-death.

"I finally have the smoking hot body I have always wanted... having been cremated."

The obituary has gone viral online, with one Twitter user declaring Ms Hicks the "obituary GOAT" (Greatest of all time), while another suggested "she seemed like the kind of woman you'd have a beer with".

Ms Hicks finished her obituary by saying she wouldn't reveal who helped her write it, but that she was off "to swim to the buoy and back".