'It's my nana': Why viral photo of elderly woman without a seat isn't as it seems

A man claiming to be the grandson of an elderly woman who was photographed standing on a train while others sat, has written a letter to radio station 2GB saying it was not what it seemed.

"The mature age lady was preparing to disembark at the next station - she's my nanna," he wrote to the station on Wednesday. 

The chief executive of Sydney trains, Howard Collins told the radio station it shows photographs can be misleading, reports 7News.

"A picture, whilst it may tell you a thousand words, might sometimes be the wrong words."

The photograph of the elderly woman, hunched over and clutching at a pole on a Sydney train, while others sit ignoring her has sparked debate over the treatment of elderly people.

When initially posted, the image sparked outrage online, with commenters bemoaning the loss of manners, and calling it "disgusting."

"She looks in pain standing. Cold, mean people" wrote one user.

However, others wondered if the picture showed the whole story - those commenters now may have been proven right. 



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