Ivanka Trump's cold reaction to Angela Merkel critiquing her father

Ivanka Trump has been caught on camera staring blankly at German Chancellor Angela Merkel after she denied Donald Trump's claims that auto imports are a threat to national security.

Ms Merkel spoke at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, and questioned Mr Trump's Department of Commerce's claim that European cars are a threat to national security, reports CNBC.

She said if this was the case, it was "a shock" to her.

"We're proud of our cars," said Ms Merkel. "We're allowed to be. And these cars are built in the United States of America."

"If these cars, which are no less a threat than those built in Bavaria, are suddenly a national security threat to the US, then that's a shock to us," she announced.

Although her criticism drew applause and cheers from the audience, Ms Trump clearly did not see the funny side.

A cut back to the audience shows Ms Trump staring stonily at Ms Merkel.

The declaration that auto imports are a threat lays the groundwork for potential tariffs from the White House, reports Channel News Asia.

Ms Trump was leading the US delegation in Munich, accompanied by Vice President Mike Pence, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.