Japanese couple mourn 'unforgivable' theft of 400yo bonsai tree

The couple's prized bonsai, worth $134 thousand.
The couple's prized bonsai, worth $134 thousand. Photo credit: Facebook/Seiji Iimura.

A Japanese couple are mourning the loss of a 400-year-old bonsai tree, which was stolen from their home near Tokyo.

In a post on Facebook, Seiji Iimura said he and his wife, Fuyumi, had been robbed of seven of their prized trees, and begged people to keep a lookout for them.

"Ladies and gentlemen, if you have seen this bonsai somewhere, please let me know."

The couple told CNN one of them was 400 years old, and wouldn't "survive a week without water."

This particular tree is said to be worth over 10 million yen (NZ$134,000).

CNN reported that the couple owned a 'Bonsai village' outside their home, and treated their miniature trees "like children".

They said on Facebook that the theft would not stop them from "cultivating trees worthy of everyone's praise."

The original Facebook post went up in January, but Ms Iimura told CNN that the trees were still missing.

Commenters expressed their sadness for the pair, one saying it was "unforgivable" to steal something that has been cultivated and loved for so long.

"These thieves do not know what it means to steal a bonsai, let alone seven."

Another said "Such a beautiful bonsai is an almost irreparable loss. I hope you can find them."