Kim Jong-un impersonator kicked out of Vietnam ahead of summit

Impersonators of Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump kissing.
Howard X performing as Kim Jong-un. Photo credit: Facebook/Howard X

A Kim Jong-un impersonator has been deported by Vietnamese officials ahead of the real North Korean leader's latest meeting with US President Donald Trump in the city later this week.

According to his own Facebook page the impersonator, real name Howard X, was evicted from his Hanoi hotel room and flown to Hong Kong after Vietnamese police declared his visa "invalid".

The North Korean leader's doppelganger had earlier this week staged a fake summit with Donald Trump impersonator Russell White and had been detained and warned by police to cease any further political satire.

"Satire is a powerful weapon against any dictatorship. They are scared of a couple of guys that look like the real thing," Howard X told BBC News last week.

Just days later, Howard X was told he had to leave the country due to an "invalid" visa, which he contested by saying "my real crime was looking like the President of North Korea".

Meanwhile, after giving his fellow impersonator a goodbye kiss, White remains in Hanoi but has been asked to stop appearing in costume.

This wasn't the first time Howard X and White had made world headlines together, they appeared in last year's Winter Olympics to "show the world this is what peace could look like when two leaders get along", the fake Mr Kim said.

They were ejected from the opening ceremony as well as an ice hockey fixture during the games.

In North Korea, anyone impersonating a member of the ruling Kim family would be considered blasphemous. Images of the North Korean leadership are tightly choreographed and controlled by the reclusive nation's state propagandists.

Howard X also made an appearance at the 2016 Summer Games in Rio.


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