Massive Tasman Glacier icebergs largest seen in decades

Massive icebergs the size of buildings have broken off the Tasman Glacier.

Local tour guides say they're the largest they've seen in decades. However they say the unusual sight may not be as concerning as people think.

The enormous pale blue icebergs dwarf the boats of tourists floating at its side.

"It was pretty spectacular," says guide Charlie Hobbs.

"We've had icebergs the size of buildings - skyscrapers in fact - and these things are now floating in the lake."

Hundreds of tons of ice snapped off in a process known as calving. They've filled a lake at the foot of New Zealand's largest glacier. It's not unusual but the size and scale this year is.

"Over my 30-odd years living at Mt Cook I've witnessed five of this size. This is probably the biggest," Mr Hobbs says.

New Zealand's shrinking glaciers have been seen as one of the clearest indicators of global warming. But these large chunks that have snapped off the Tasman Glacier don't have experts worried.

"This calving isn't part of global warming, it's a natural occurrence," Mr Hobbs says.

Mother Nature - providing a rare picturesque sight that's catching the attention of tourists and the locals.