Miami politician resigns amid accusations she licked a man's face, groped him

Nancy Oakley has resigned amid reports she licked and groped a man.
Nancy Oakley has resigned amid reports she licked and groped a man. Photo credit: Supplied.

A Florida politician has resigned after being accused of licking the face of a former city manager.

Commissioner Nancy Oakley is facing accusations that she sexually assaulted a former city manager at a fishing tournament in 2012, reports ABC Action News.

The Florida Commission on Ethics issued a report on its findings that said the commissioner had possibly violated state law when she licked the face of, and inappropriately, touched the victim.

The report cited multiple witness reports and said the city manager had not reported the incident at the time for fear of losing his job.

He filed a formal complaint in 2017 when she filed for re-election, says ABC Action News.

The Miami Herald reported that Oakley had resigned in order to not be fired, knowing what the report would uncover.

Since the issue was reported, many others have said that Oakley had acted in similar ways towards other members of staff.

The sponsor of the fishing tournament where Oakley allegedly licked the city manager said Oakley had also licked his face and the faces of many other people at other fishing tournaments, according to the Miami Herald.


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