Momo challenge: 5yo forced into pixie cut after taking part

A terrified girl has been forced into a pixie cut after she hacked off her hair under the instruction of Momo.

The demon-like creature has been haunting the internet since 2018, but has taken a darker turn after reportedly showing up on the YouTube kids app.

Reports say the creature encourages children to harm themselves or even commit suicide and it appears one child from Gloucestershire has now fallen victim.

Salon Toddler Trims posted images of the girl to Facebook and said she hacked her hair off after being told to by Momo.

"Thankfully we have managed to give her a cute pixie cut which she loves but still won't promise me she won't listen to MOMO again," the salon said.

"I couldn't help but feel this monster has brainwashed her."

Photos of the girl show her hair missing on half her head and clear lines where she cut it unevenly. Her hair was restyled into the pixie cut with a bow to mask the damage.

The salon post said the girl was off to the doctors after her haircut.

Newshub has contacted the salon for comment.


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