'My baby': Mum's chilling screams after baby dies in blisteringly hot car

Warning: This article contains content that may disturb some readers.

A Sydney suburb has been shattered by chilling screams after a mother returned home to find her baby had died after being left in a blisteringly hot car.

The one-year-old twin boy was accidental left inside the vehicle as temperatures rocketed over 30degc.

Emergency services were called to Chester Hill in Sydney's west at about 3:30pm on Sunday after the child was discovered, but he couldn't be revived.

Police had just begun to set up their crime scene when the baby's mother returned to hear the horrifying news.

She was seen running down the street screaming "my baby" after she was told of her son's death.

Another woman, believed to be his grandmother, was wheeled out of a nearby house on a stretcher and taken to hospital suffering from shock.

Police are still investigating the cause of death.


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