Man who used baby shark as bong hits out at 'sooks'

Graphic footage of a man using the body of a baby shark as a bong has prompted a police visit and attracted widespread criticism online. 

The video, posted to Australian Facebook group Fried Fishing, shows the man holding the small shark, with pipes protruding from its head and under a fin.

He lights a pipe and draws from it before exhaling while the Baby Shark tune plays in the background.

The man who posted the video called those reporting the footage to police "a bunch of sooks," adding: "Honestly I quit."

The footage has drawn fierce criticism on social media.


"I hope all professional fisherman aren’t handling our food like this," one commenter said, while another put it simply, exclaiming: "Yuk." 

Not all comments were critical, with one supporter saying: "F*** the media and any b***hurt w***er on Facebook that is offended."

The group leader who posted the video defended the move by saying that the shark had been in the icebox for two nights at this point: "There is no possible way it was alive."

In a more recent post, the group leader announced that he now must "walk away from social media" as his mental health "is way more important" after copping abusive messages "as far as to death threats". 


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