Primary school pulls Darwin evolution musical after Christian parents complain

A UK primary school has ditched a Charles Darwin musical about the theory of evolution after complaints from a group of Christian parents.

Hartford Manor Primary School in Cheshire, a non-religious community school, was preparing to perform Darwin Rocks!.

The "light-hearted" play deals with Mr Darwin's development of the theory of evolution and the controversy it caused.

But the school decided to cancel the play after three parents felt it mocked a bishop involved in the historic debate. Others were concerned about a song in the show about "bumping and grinding".

Head teacher Simon Kidwell told the BBC that the school had received six "expressions of concern".

"There were concerns about caricature," he said.

Mr Kidwell said one parent didn't want to their daughter to think her ambition to be an engineer was in conflict with her Christian beliefs.

However the cancellation has angered other parents, who say their children are being denied an opportunity to learn.

"It really does feel like a huge step backwards," scientist Alan McDonald told The Independent.

"I think it is just a thinly veiled attempt to cram religious views over the top of scientific fact which I think is shameful personally."

Mr Kidwell says the show might return in the future, saying the decision to pull the musical was "hasty".

"We could have put more effort into looking at whether we could have adapted it to make sure it was inclusive of everybody," he told The Independent.

"I have apologised to the parents and we will consider putting it on in future years if we can make sure those bits are edited so it is inclusive for everybody."


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