'Punched a few cones:' Reporter left stunned by tradie's Australia Day confession

  • 01/02/2019

Footage has resurfaced of the moment a television reporter was caught off-guard when a simple question garnered a candid confession from a Sydney tradie.

Channel 9's Today Show reporter Natalia Cooper was in Parramatta handing out cash to lucky punters willing to share what they got up to over the Australia Day weekend last year.

"We're going to make some commuters' Mondays," she excitedly said to the camera before turning to a crowd gathered on the train platform.

Cooper approached the man asking him if he would like $50 to top up his OPAL card - a public transport payment system - and handed over the cash.

Innocently enough, she then prompted him to share with her viewers what he got up to over the Australia Day weekend.

"Punched a few cones," he told her, implying he had smoked marijuana.

Not missing a beat, Cooper replied "wow" and quickly moved on to find another willing participant for her segment.

"We'll just leave you there," she said while quickly relocating.

The clip has been viewed close to 200,000 times and triggered an outpouring of hilarious reactions.

The viral sensation follows a similar incident in May 2017 when a South Auckland man told a Newshub reporter they were "having some dots" when police knocked on his door and told him to evacuate due to a bomb threat.

The man said the experience was "pretty trippy stuff ay", a phrase which later gained meme status.  


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