Queensland police officer 'struggling' after letting go man who went on to kill baby son

Queensland police officer 'struggling' after letting go man who went on to kill baby son
Photo credit: Go Fund Me

An Australian police officer is "struggling" after letting go a man who is believed to have murdered his baby son before committing suicide on the day the baby went missing.

On Wednesday, a Queensland baby was found dead alongside his 46-year-old father inside a red Holden Commodore on an isolated track in the Beerwah State Forest on the Sunshine Coast.

While questions remain about the pairs' deaths and no weapon was found in the vehicle, police have said it was most likely a murder-suicide.

It has now been revealed that on the night the baby went missing and his mother alerted police to the disappearance, the father was stopped by an officer for speeding while over the alcohol limit, reports news.com.au.

Nine News also reports that the man was given an infringement notice after telling the officer a "sob story" and was then let go.

Assistant commissioner Sharon Cowden, from Queensland police Ethical Standards Command said there had been no "red flags" in the system at the time about the man and it is believed the child wasn't in the car.

"I don't have any indications that the child was with the man at the time, but I can't understand the full circumstances this early," she said.

The officer is "struggling" and "quite traumatised" by the baby's death, said Cmmr Cowden.

The mother is now asking why police didn't immediately issue an "amber alert", which are used to help locate missing children, after she reported the child missing.

Queensland police have said they will look into the processes around the investigating the baby's disappearance and why no amber alert was issued.

"We don't want to prejudge anything but learn the lessons as much as anyone else because one death of a child is too man," said Cmmr Cowden, reports 7News.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the family, who are said to be distraught.


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