South African woman's incredible fightback after thugs try to violently rob her

A woman is mugged on the side of a South African road.
A woman is mugged on the side of a South African road. Photo credit: Bosbeer/Capetown / Twitter

Law enforcement officers are on high alert in Cape Town after a violent robbery was caught on CCTV footage in a beach-side suburb of the city.

The robbery in Muizenberg, Capetown, a well-known surfing community, is being treated as the latest in a series of opportunistic muggings in the suburb, reports local media.

CCTV footage of the mugging, which has surfaced on social media, shows two men get out of their car and approach a woman walking along the pavement with her handbag.

As the woman realises they are confronting her, she begins to race away but is caught by one of the men who snatches her bag and runs back to the parked car with it.

The other man then grabs the woman and appears to try and wrestle her phone from her, but as she fights back the altercation breaks onto the road and she is able to get free.

The man then races back to the car, chased by the woman who is unable to catch up before the pair drive off.

At the end of the video, which has been viewed over 100,000 times, the woman can be seen sitting on the side of the road crying while vehicles drive past.

Many commented online that it was sad that none of the passing cars stopped to help the lady, but as another Twitter user said, sometimes the robberies can be staged.

"It's not advisable to stop and assist cause you might find the lady is working with them," she said.

Others praised the woman's bravery for fighting back.

"What guts, what gumption. She fought the good fight. Wow Respect."


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