Striking images show monstrous thunderstorm lighting up Sydney

Stunning images of a series of severe thunderstorms that thrashed Sydney overnight have been uploaded to social media, as the city deals with major damage to buildings and thousands remain without power.

An intense burst of lightning and thunder struck down on the Australian city on Friday, cutting power to more than 40,000 properties and causing flash flooding in some areas, reports 9News.

Nine people had to be rescued as roads turned to rivers, causing traffic chaos worsened by delays to the city's train network after lightning strikes damaged equipment.

By Saturday morning, 7700 properties were still without power as the result of nearly 300 electrical hazards needing repairs after being damaged by falling branches.

Photos and videos uploaded to social media overnight reveal the full scale of the damage and the wild weather in action.

Further thunderstorms are forecast for Saturday afternoon.

It follows wild weather further north in Australia, with Townsville being declared a disaster zone after receiving two years' worth of rain in just a few days.


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