Stunning photos capture rare birth of baby still inside amniotic sac

A woman in Brazil has given birth to a baby born while still inside his fluid-filled amniotic sac. 

Noah was born at Praia de Costa Hospital, near Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, last month.

The child's birth was captured by professional photographer Jana Brasil, who specialises in birthing photos.

It is extremely rare for babies to be born while still inside their amniotic sac - in fact, it's understood to be an almost one-in-90,000 occurrence.

"It's an emotion that has no size," the baby's mother, Moncyck Valasco, said.

The baby was completely covered by the amniotic sac when he was born, giving him an alien-like appearance, the photos posted to Ms Brasil's Instagram show. 

This type of birth is called en-caul, according to gynaecologist Rafael Angelo Baggieri, who said it happens when the baby is born without breaking the amniotic sac. 

Despite the bizarre birth, Noah was born without any other complications and is doing well, according to reports. 


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