Transgender assault sparks 'horrific' attack on Melbourne police

  • 26/02/2019

Five people have been charged after viciously attacking two police officers who responded to the assault of a transgender woman in Melbourne on Sunday morning.

Both officers suffered serious injuries during what Wayne Gatt from the Victorian Police Association told was "one of the most horrific (attacks) on a police officer I have ever seen".

Kayla Potts, 25, her fiancé Jack Houldcroft, 27, Potts' brother Trent, 26, and her friend Phillip O'Donnell, 38, were all arrested after the fight in St Kilda, while a 26-year-old St Kilda man was later arrested on Monday afternoon.

The Melbourne Magistrates Court heard on Monday that two police officers were called to a St Kilda bar after a transgender woman was allegedly kneed in the genitals.

When police arrived and approached Mr Potts, who was attempting to leave in a taxi, he fled down the street after refusing to answer questions.

One officer chased Mr Potts who eventually rounded on him and began punching him in the chest.

Mr Potts' sister then allegedly approached the officer from the side and punched him in the head.

The officer hit out with his flashlight, splitting Ms Potts' head open on her forehead.

Meanwhile, the second officer at the scene had tripped and fallen while attempting to chase Mr Potts and had been set upon by several men. A bystander's video of the scene shows the men punching, kicking and spitting on the officer before one slams his head against the pavement six times.

Victoria Police Superintendent Tony Silva told this particular attack was sickening.

"I would describe it as rag dolling him, smashing his head into the concrete roadway," Mr Silva said.

The group has been charged with two counts of assaulting a police officer, affray, violent disorder, and other assault charges. If convicted, all parties face a mandatory six months in jail for assaulting an emergency worker.


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