UK man kills friend after he heard him bragging about sexually abusing child

A pedophile allegedly had his throat cut by a friend, after he openly bragged about sexually abusing a six-year-old.

Christopher McMahon is accused of leaving David Potter bleeding out on the floor of his flat in South London in August of last year.

After he had killed Potter, McMahon is said to have gone to his girlfriend's house to confess the murder, but told her not to call police, or else he would tell them she was present at the scene of the crime.

He also told her Potter, who'd allegedly revealed to him that he'd molested a six-year-old, was a pedophile.

Potter had convictions for sex offences against children, reports The Daily Mail. 

The following day, the son of McMahon's girlfriend visited her, and after hearing the story recounted to her she made a phone call to the local police.

Officers seized McMahon's blood-soaked clothes, and two months later arrested him when forensic tests confirmed the blood was Potter's, reports The Daily Mail.

"Mr McMahon admits he was the person who stabbed Mr Potter to death," prosecutor Sarah Whitehouse told jurors.

"The question for you will be why Mr McMahon did that."

McMahon denies murder, and the trial is on-going.



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