United Kingdom's top cop can't smell cannabis

A side by side, Cressida Dick on one side, cannabis on the other.
Cressida Dick. Photo credit: Getty

The United Kingdom's most senior officer can smell, but she can't smell cannabis.

Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police's first female commissioner told the Radio 4 her sense of smell is very important to her, but it has a big blind spot.

"My colleagues think it's hilarious that I simply cannot ever smell cannabis. I am hopeless in that respect."

She does have a sense of smell though, as she also mentioned her love of pleasant smelling items. If she were trapped on a desert island she would bring along soap as her luxury item.

Ms Dick became Commissioner of Police in February 2017 after the retirement of Bernard Hogan-Howe.

She's the first female commissioner of police and originally joined the force in as a constable in 1983.

Ms Dick came out as gay in April 2017 after she became commissioner. She is the highest ranked lesbian British police officer in history.